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Photo 1- Royale to gap
Photo 2 - Tuffnell in his new home of Brighton
Photo 3 - Top Acid through kink
Photo 4 - Huck to a rugged bank

Age: 26
Set up: Alchemy PURE

Tuffnell’s name was getting thrown around a lot in 2008, especially after he won the amateur event and best trick at the biggest event in the UK rollerblading calendar, NASS. As many will remember he annihilated the street course all weekend but unfortunately tore ligaments in his knee during the best trick contest as he dropped from the 40 foot high rafters into the elvis ramp.  What many of you may not know is that he’s been dropping hammers since your mum was changing your nappies. As well as being a ridiculous rollerblader Sam permanently has a smile on his face and is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Expect to see a lot from him this year.

John Goodman with a Javanna. Thanks to Grant Major and Boneyard Skatepark

Thanks to Jordan Maders

Photo 1 - Gap to sweaty
Photo 2 - Top Acid
Photo 3 - Family Portrait
Photo 4 - Cousin it

Age: 20
Set up: Alchemy PURE limited edition

John Goodman is probably the most elusive guy in UK rollerblading. For a guy who towers over the Hulk (I may be exaggerating here) he manages to keep quite a low profile. He’s the myth that everyone’s heard of yet no one really knows. John will turn up to a session and disappear within minutes out of boredom, to be found hours later sessioning the harshest cobbled ledge with a landing coated in broken glass. He skates the most rugged spots that most bladers wouldn’t give a second glance with tricks you’ll struggle to comprehend. It’s his creative edge that really makes him stand out from the crowd and you’ll become more aware of this in 2009.

Age: 17
Set up: Alchemy FKL.1

Sammy is one of the UK’s best young rollerbladers who had made a name for himself in recent years. He turns up to the biggest comps and laces tricks that will put most old boys to shame. He tears the streets apart as well as park.  Sammy is certain to be a rider to look out for this year, as long as his Kendama career doesn’t take off...


Thanks to Brett Davies and Ukskate

Photo 1 - Back Backslide
Photo 2 - Fishbrain
Photo 3 - The Future

Age: 14
Set up: Alchemy FKL.1

Most people will be surprised to see such a young rider on a boot company. Anyone that has witnessed this little ripper in the flesh will understand why. He’s the up-and-coming guy that makes bitter old school bladers shake their heads in envy and dismay.  He constantly competes with reputable riders from all over and regularly finishes high. Andy has a fearless approach to skating and is the most energetic young lad I’ve ever met. This is why he’s progressing at a ridiculous rate and you can expect to see him at all the major competitions through the year showing us what he can do.